The Success of Job Boards



The founder of one major job boards has publicly announced that only 12% of jobs are fulfilled through job boards.


Searching for Jobs


At the beginning of searching for jobs it is quite hard especially if you have not been doing it for a long time, but you learn that there easier ways of being employed. For instance there are what we call job board, where it is a complete overhaul compared to newspapers. Some advantages are there are much more variety in the jobs, more employers, and the spotting and avoiding of recruiters. One third of the job market are never advertised.


Known applicants that usually those that come from existing suppliers, partners, or even competitors are those that fill the one third of the jobs. In employment this is the biggest growth sector, some companies even offer incentives to existing employees that find new recruits, that now makes the 8% of the employment market. The residual third are being filled through the job advert system like the recruiter networks and direct job placements. So this means that by fulfilling almost half of the total percentage in the job market in five years just shows the great success of the help wanted job boards but there are also negative aspects.


Can humans be job boards?


The chances of being noticed or standing out have now become very limited for applicants since job applications are now being handled through h computer systems instead of humans. In turn compared to the past the chances of being rejected now is much higher.


The lack of human interaction has been deemed by companies and corporation as one of the main problems nowadays. This means that the individuals who have the corresponding skill set and what not type in their application will be the ones passed and will be able to have an interaction of an employee of the company. So what can it say about companies that want to hire human beings and there are also psychological testing and screening that is set by the company that you have to agree to.


Job boards as business models


There is also the second major problem which is the model for job boards problem. The market is very easy to enter into so that means that there will be a lot of competitions. The effect will be that only the business model that job seekers are a commodity and offer their services for free are the only ones that survives. The money is made through the payment by the job recruiters and employers who have to pay in order to access the profiles of the job seekers.


Job application success


This means that 12% of the job vacancies will be filled by job boards as the job market have shown and said by the job board owner.